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Latest news
Security Enhancements Web Servers
Two-Factor Authentication Mandatory at the Lorentz Institute
Use of personal security keys (e.g. SoloKeys) is also possible
VPN Services (All)
Two-factor Authentication (STRW)
Two-factor Authentication (LION)
Zoom changes associated with UL Zoom Business license
Alternative service to the discontinued anonymous FTP server
Forwarding UMail
You are known to the University by your UMail mailbox only, so setup your UMail forwarding immediately!
Virtual Desktop Cluster for all Sterrewacht students
Information regarding the Virtual Desktop Cluster for all master and bachelor students can be found here.
The Lorentz Institute launches its privacy-oriented Remote Workplace service for all members. All of the IL IT goodness in one place via your browser. Read more.
The Lorentz Institute launches its privacy-oriented videoconferencing system* based on the Free Software Jitsi.
Your privacy and security are paramount and only Free Software can guarantee them.
* Only available to staff members.
The Lorentz Institute launches its VPN service for all staff members. Enable your VPN access via the helpdesk
Leiden Faculty of Science Dean Michiel Kreutzer has created a LaTeX class for the official letter format used in business communication from Leiden University. Read all about this LaTex Class
Latest Problems Reported by Leiden University ISSC

Working from home

Now that we are all supposed to be working from home, here are some useful tips:

Computer Documentation Wiki

If you have a problem with your computer, your network connection, software wishes, license usage etc, please fill the problem at

And please mention who you are, and on which system you have the problem. If possible, include the exact commands and errors, or point us to the files/location where the problem exists. Help us to help you!!


This is the area where you can find a solution for al your computer related problems for the institutes mentioned above. There is also a good search function in the wiki, and a full sitemap, to help you to quickly find what you are looking for.

If you have computer issues with University computers, WIFI and/or ULCN accounts please go to the ISSC helpdesk pages or mail the issc helpdesk:



Generic Information



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