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Sterrewacht Leiden / Leiden Observatory

**THINK before you click**, beware of phishing emails!

A phishing email is an email that looks like originating from a reputable institution and that usually contains a request to click on a link to confirm/modify etc.. one's credentials. In fact this link will bring you to a malicious website that will steel your credentials when you naively insert them.

Here is a short guide on how to avoid being fooled by this type of scams.

  • Always be very suspicious of any emails you receive from trusted entities like the university, your bank etc…
  • Do NOT click on any links given via email. banks etc know better than to send such a link; you will probably have bookmarked the site of your bank anyway.
  • If you really think the email is legitimate, do NOT click on the link but rather write yourself the link URL in the address bar of your browser, or use a saved bookmark for that site. And while you do so, be aware that a deceptive malicious URL might be e.g.`' instead of the correct one `'.
  • Serious institutions (including ours) will never ask you for your credentials. After all, your account is an integral part of your work here, so we don't need you to 'revalidate', 'upgrade' or any such nonsense!
  • Look out for common phishing language in your emails, e.g. verify your account, confirm your password, etc…
  • Whenever you insert any credentials in your browser, always use https and always check the information of the SSL certificate by clicking on the padlock at the beginning of the URL.
  • Change your credentials on a regular basis. On our workstations you can do so using the command `passwd'.
  • Contact us if in doubt.


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