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Poster printing

Local Printing

Posters with a maximum width of 85 cm (A0 paper width) can now be printed here at the Observatory. The best way to do this is to create a PDF file from your layout program. Powerpoint is not very good at converting A4 to A0 size, so either create your poster at custum size 84x120cm or at standard A4 size. In the latter case use special settings for PDF conversion (2400 dpi, no compression) to prepare a scalable PDF file.

If you need any help in creating the PDF file contact Aart Vos or Erik Deul.

The poster printer is not directly accessible physically nor logically through the network, and the computer on which it is connected, is not available to users. Any request for printing has to be placed at Aart Vos or Erik Deul. Contact us at or for users at the Sterrewacht, by booking at our poster form.

Outside printing

Posters with a maximum size of A0 (84.1cm x 118.9cm) can be printerd at the Sterrewacht This services operates at a first-come-first-serve basis provided there is enough material and manpower available. It is not guaranteed that Sterrewacht IT-personel is present at all hours of the day. Therefore you need to make an appointment to have you poster printed.

Use email: to request a poster print appointment. Please state your prefered data and times for printing and we will find the closest appropriate time within the schedule.

To print posters with a maximum width of 1.50 m please contact the UFB, Grafische produkties, Stationsplein 240. Make an appointment by contacting Bram Simons*, phone (527) 2609.


The most practical way is to bring you poster material in person, so you can confirm that the interpretation of your information on the computer connected to the printer is correct. If not you have the opportunity to modify the information on the spot.

It is possible that the fonts used are not all available on the print computer. Notably the mathematical formulae may have special fonts that are likely not included in your file. Therefore, it is advised to use the PDF format, with all fonts included, to prepare your poster for printing. It is possible to print directly from PowerPoint, but experience shows that this is not always without problems. We do not support other formats.

We advise you to make an appointment well, a few days, in advance to the time you need is.

Provide: as zipfile, on a usb stick, on floppy, or on CD; layout for A4 or custom.


On site we will fill-in a request from on which we record your SAP number. When paid through SAP no VAT will be charged. You will recieve a copy on the final invoice which you have to give to your financial office. They have to transfer the amount to the Sterrewacht account.

You have to provide your own transportation device to take away the printed poster. We do not provide that material.


Posters of A4-size can be printerd at the Sylvius Laboratorium.

  • Contact: D. Passchier
  • Phone: (527) 6004
  • Email:


  • Poster A0 50 Euro
  • Poster A1 45 Euro
  • Poster A2 40 Euro
  • Other sizes 50 Euro

Working hours:

  • Monday 08.30-17.00
  • Tuesday 08.30-17.00
  • Wednesday 08.30-17.00
  • Thursday 08.30-17.00
  • Friday 08.30-17.00
  • Daily lunchtime: 12.30-13.30
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