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Leiden University LaTeX Business Letter format

Leiden Faculty of Science Dean Michiel Kreutzer has created a LaTeX class for the official letter format used in business communication from Leiden University. This package is available on your Linux Desktop, but can also be installed on your personal laptop.

A full description and install instructions for this CTAN package is available at Read the Package Documentation on that site for usage of the class. The class (the University style) requires the presence of the MinionPro font files. Read this doc on how to install these fonts on your personal laptop. For using this class on your Linux Desktop you do not have to bother about the fonts. We have installed them system wide.

Observatory modifications

For the Observatory we have modified the class file to incorporate Leiden Observatory specific information, such as the Oort Building address and Observatory post office box number. The Letter Logo has also been changed to the Observatory specific logo instead of the standard University Logo.

For the LEIletter class to work properly we have an example TeX file available and you also need a file (medewerker.lco) with your personal and some additional information. Download these two example files to your home directory.

After editing both files you can now run for instance

pdflatex leiletter-example.tex

to produce a pdf version of the LaTeX file.

This is the example letter in PDF.

Happy TeXing

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