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Policy Computer acquisition

When computer equipment is bought using university controlled funds (such as EU-funds) one has to abide by the rules from the “Europese Aanbesteding”. This means that desktops, laptops, screens, servers, cluster machines and storage devices have to be acquired from the prefered venders in the associated EU-contracts. Only if a specific machine cannot be provided by one of these prefered vendors (specifications in the form of functional descriptions) it is allowed to buy the machine from any other vendor.

Depending on the type of equipment the amortization (write-off) periods are three (laptops), four (desktops, screens), five (servers, storage) years. Because the equipment is bought by the judicial entity: Leiden University, all equipment is owned by the Leiden University, both during and after the amortization period.

It is possible to buy the equipment from the Leiden University and have it change ownership to you by paying the remaining amortization amount to the University. After the amortization period the equipment cannot be bought and stays in possession of the University. We take care of the administrative work and are responsible for tracking the equipment for the accountant.

New equipment is ordered through the STRW/LION acquisition desk. Eric van der Kraan, tel 8444

You are not allowed yourself to acquire equipment that is part of an EU regulated kind.

Exceptions: The univerisity has to provide certain facilities to personal of stichting FOM such as a desktop computer. This computer will be part of an EU contract and has to abide by the EU acquisition rules, because it is bought by the University. FOM own acquisitions (from the material budget) are not part of the EU contract, but have to abide by the stichting FOM rules.

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