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Ordering Computer Hardware

If you want to order computer equipment - this may be anything from a USB-stick, mouse, desktop up to a science grade server - you can contact your IT acquisition specialist. The contact address is:

(currently the person associated with this role is Eric van der Kraan, HL406, tel 8444)

Ordering Laptops

The best way to order a laptop is to go onto the internet and decide what you want by using a vendors configurations management system. For instance:

Then email your favourite configuration to the above address together with the SAPnumber it should be booked on.

Because we have to buy equipment through EU-preferred vendors/suppliers from their business channels, delivery times for consumer products may take somewhat longer than direct ordering (from websites or shops).

Other equipment

Please try to be as specific as possible in the specifications of your required product. It is very difficult for us to know precisely what we have to order if you do not provide the necessary information. “Can you buy me an external USB disk for my project” won't do. We will ask back about the disk capacity (2 TB disk?) and about the type (single disk ar RAID1 configuration) and to what it should be connected (your desktop, your MacBook).


These are specialist pieces of hardware and you should discuss in detail your requirements with us. In such cases we will try to translate your functional requirements it computer hardware, get an offer from the preferred vendor, have you confirm or modify it and we'll get another offer, until you are satisfied.

The current EU-prefered reseller for servers is Scholte Awater.

Note that

  • Any IT related hardware needs to be ordered through our acquisition officer if you want to pay for it using University related money. You can buy such equipment privately, but then cannot declare the spent money from the University.
  • Delivery times for Apple equipment can be noticably long. This is because Apple service de consumer market in preference to the business market.
  • You will receive a form that is related to the 'WKR-regeling' in which you declare that the equipment you bought using University finances is predominantly in use for you work and not for private use.
  • All equipment bought this way stays the property of the University. This means, that whenever you leave the University for another job elsewhere, the equipment has to be returned to the acquisition officer. He will refurbish the hardware for re-use within the institute or prepare it for disposal. There is no legal way to buy this equipment for personal use or take it home after the official depreciation period has past.
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