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Remote Workspace

The Lorentz Institute provides all of its users with access to a virtual workspace which emulates the Institute physical workstations and their custom software setup by means of only a web browser without the installation of plugins or extra software. The immediate advantages to the users are

Access to the Lorentz Institute workstation setup from the comfort of your laptop, wherever you are, and without VPN or SSH tunnels
Access to your documents/files at the Lorentz Institute from a web browser window without installing extra software
Access to intranet services as you were physically located in your office

On this page you will find a short guide to get you started using IL Remote Workspace. The impatient can see these example videos (accessible via intranet).

Login to Remote Workspace

Browse to
Any modern browser would do, but Firefox and Chrome are advised
Access by using your Lorentz Institute credentials
Your username is the part preceding the @ symbol
Several failed login attempts will cause your IP to be banned
To unblock your IP address contact the helpdesk
The only bookmark that will work is
Other bookmarks will cause login errors

Using Remote Workspace


Start/monitor/manage your remote sessions via the Dashboard
View/edit/create/transfer files
The system GUI cannot handle large files (max 1GB is advised)
Quota information and server status
Do not ignore quota warnings, because many applications rely on free home space to work correctly
The server should be able to handle up to 20 concurrent remote sessions
Each interactive session allocates 4 CPUs and 16 GB RAM to a user
A user can only request 1 session per time

Interactive Apps

Access Interactive Apps via the toolbar Interactive Apps menu
or via the Quick links buttons in the Dashboard. Choiches are
- Lorentz Institute Workstation
- Jupyter Notebook
Workstations are preconfigured with several softwares
An interactive desktop or notebook (session) can last a max of 72 hours
Past that mark, it will be terminated
Connectons to an unterminated (active) session is always possible
even after logging out by clicking on My Interactive sessions toolbar menu
An interactive session tab reports
- session remaining time
- allocated resources
- link to debugging files
The Session ID button will open a file browser to the session files
Tune VNC compression and image quality for better experience
Active sessions can be terminated by clicking on the Delete button
Really use a remote workstation as you wish
Launch a terminal
start a screen session within the terminal
Note though that any process associated to your session
will be terminated if the session is killed
Launch a browser
browse to IL subscribed journal sites,
browse the intranet

:!: Users who wish to use Jupyter Lab instead of the classic Jupyter Notebook must first launch a notebook and then substitute tree with lab in the window URL.


Access your files by clicking on the Files dropdown menu on the toolbar
Different users have access to different file locations
Seamlessly manage files stored on the IL disks
Transfer files from/to your laptop using the browser
No extra software or browser plugins needed
The GUI does not to work well with large files (max 1GB)
Transfer large files from/to using your favorite sftp client to

Known issues

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