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Remote access using VPN


The ssh server at STRW provides an openVPN server that allows your Mac to connect to the internet as if it were part of the Observatory computer systems.

The client side uses the Tunnelblick software to initiate a VPN connection.

You will need special key files to get access to VPN. Please request them at

Lorentz Institute

The Lorentz Institute offers its staff members* a VPN service for remote connections to the IL intranet. Apart from preserving users privacy, the IL VPN lets you access services that would otherwise be unavailable when working remotely. A use-case would be to access scientific journals contents using the Institute subscription.

Request your IL VPN access via

OSSupported Clients
GNU/Linux OpenVPN v2.3+
WindowsOpenVPN v2.3+
MacOS TunnelBlick
AndroidOpenVPN v2.3+

* This service is not available to students and postdocs. Exceptions might apply.

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