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STRW Zoom and UL

Since Januari 22, 2021 the University has a Zoom Business license, originally for Educational purpose only, but after considerable negotiation we can now use it for all our Zoom communications! So currently there are two separate systems: one for STRW and for the university as a whole. Temporarily they need to run side by side, until all STRW users have transferred their Zoom account from the STRW to UL environment.

Unfortunately, Zoom cannot handle the same ZoomID (strw email address) for multiple licenses. And because the UL Zoom license will be leading, it must hold your STRW email as your ZoomID. Once you connect to the STRW Zoom environment you will get the option to join the University Zoom license. Once you do that, your STRW ZoomID will be automatically transferred to the UL Zoom license and you cab further make use of the University facilities, similar to what you were used to use from the STRW Zoom license. During the transfer all your profile settings will be lost and you will have to reconfigure your profile again.

Optionally you may temporarily want to use the STRW Zoom facility a little longer. When accessing the STRW Zoom license you can choose the 'Skip for now' option. This will bring you back into your familiar STRW Zoom environment.

But since the your email address is currently connected to the STRW license (and will at some point need to be transferred to the UL Zoom license) you may want to change your STRW ZoomID. In fact it is very easy to do that! Since we also own the mail domain it is just a matter of changing your email address from into Emails sent to you with will end up in your standard Sterrewacht email box.

So you must do the following to make use of both systems and still be able to continue using the STRW Zoom license:

  • Change your ZoomID in the licensed environment. (section Change your ZoomID)
  • Now make sure you clear your browser cache and cookies (this differs among the different browsers)
  • Go to and create your account there, by just logging in (section University Zoom site)

Change your ZoomID

If you try to change your login ID from the desktop client, you’ll be redirected to Zoom’s official portal. So, we’re demonstrating the method of changing your password from the official portal itself.

On Desktop client

To access the page from your Zoom desktop client, go to Settings, click on ‘Profile,’ and hit ‘Edit My Profile.’ Now, follow step 4 below.

On Web portal

Step 1: Go to Zoom’s official website and log in.

Step 2: Click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’.

Step 3: Go to ‘Profile’ and click on the ‘Edit’ hyperlink in the ‘Sign-In Email’ section.

Step 4: Enter the new email ID and click on ‘Save Changes.’

The email ID you entered will now be your new STRW Zoom login ID. So use this email address to authenticate to You will get several emails from zoom along the way to confirm this change.

University Zoom site

The sign-in web page for the University Zoom system is at: Select the Sign In box and you are redirected to the SAML Single Sing-On window you know from other Campus tools. Authenticate with your ULCN credentials. Once logged in you end up in the usual Zoom Profile page where you can see that your account is used as the ZoomID. From this point on all is as you were used to when using your STRW Zoom account.

If you use the Zoom App, you need to use the Sign in with SSO button instead of typing in your email address.

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