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Latest news
Docking stations Using docking stations and STRW/LION Remote Desktop Services
Overleaf Campus license
Lorentz Institute privacy-oriented videoconf system has been discontinued for lack of users
Fedora 37 announcement
2FA mandatory for Lorentz Institute VPN
Hybrid Teaching in Huygens
Read the docs
Note: Hybride solution for HL106, 204, 207, 226 is also in place but is connected to the ISSC desktop. HL111 has no hybrid solution!
Recent security measures
Security Enhancements Web Servers Sterrewacht
VPN Services (For all institutes)
Two-factor Authentication is mandatory for
- Sterrewacht and
- Institute Lorentz and
- UL MFA made easy
Zoom changes associated with UL Zoom Business license
FTP server discontinued Alternative service to anonymous FTP
Forwarding UMail
You are known to the University by your UMail mailbox only, so setup your UMail forwarding immediately!
Virtual Desktop Clusters
Information regarding the Virtual Desktop Cluster for all
- Sterrewachters can be found here.
- Lorentz Institute associates can be found here
Leiden Faculty of Science Dean Michiel Kreutzer has created a LaTeX class for the official letter format used in business communication from Leiden University. Read all about this LaTex Class
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