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Visit the Overleaf portal for our faculty for more information .

Visit Overleaf Help for more information on institutional licenses in general.

I do not have an Overleaf account yet

  • Visit the Overleaf portal for our faculty.
  • Click on the big green button “Log in through your institution“ in the middle of the portal page.
  • Log in as usual with your ULCN account.
  • You should receive an e-mail confirming that your account has been linked to the institutional SSO (single sign-on).
    • It is all right if the stated linked e-mail address ends in ““. That is the e-mail address exchanged by Overleaf and the SSO provider.

After doing this once, you can also log in via other routes, for example the “Log In” button on the Overleaf website.

I already have an Overleaf account

Users who already have an Overleaf account are not automatically transferred to the FWN license. Someone may have a reason not to switch. If you want to switch, visit the portal and select 'Link Account', or use the notification on your project dashboard. You can check your account in Overleaf to see if the switch was successful. You can also ask Overleaf for a confirmation.

I have a paid Overleaf account

Once you have switched as described above, you can cancel your personal subscription. This will stop the automatic renewal of your subscription. This does not automatically result in a refund for personal subscription fees. To get a refund for personal subscription fees, please contact Overleaf support. What you get refunded depends on the form of your personal subscription. If you pay monthly, you will probably get the last payment back (and you will not be billed for future months). If you have an annual subscription, you will probably be reimbursed for the remaining duration. If you have a group license, a custom arrangement may be necessary - especially if the group consists of both users that are, and are not eligible for the FWN license.

If you want to switch to the faculty license, we recommend that you cancel your personal subscription as soon as possible and contact Overleaf. If you do this later, Overleaf can still help you. Then it is only less clear from what point on your personal subscription fees can be refunded.

What happens when I leave the Faculty of Science?

This information is available on Overleaf Help.

General information

Support and documentation

Overleaf provides support to end users 24/7. They also provide extensive documentation, tutorials and other learning materials via their website, and tips and news via Twitter. If you still have a question or problem after consulting Overleaf, please send a mail to SEEDS.

Data protection, sensitive (personal) data

We have taken technical and legal measures to ensure the protection of your user data. Nevertheless, we advise not to use Overleaf when your document contains sensitive (personal) data. When in doubt, please contact . We can advise on alternative approaches and/or tools. Be the first to add a reaction

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