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Hybrid Teaching in Huygens

Hybrid teaching in Huygens 414

The Faculty Audio Visual department has installed a ceiling microphone and a pivot camera in our Lecture Room Huygens 414. To use these devices for your lecture you can find here a:

explaining how to go about setting up the hybrid solution.

Note: For best resolution it is better to screen share your presentation or a separate camera feed. See the manual for details.

Hybrid teaching in other Huygens rooms

Hybrid teaching solutions have been implemented in other Huygens Lecture rooms (106, 204, 207 and 226), but those are configured a bit different then the one in Huygens 414. Streaming facilities in Sitter Zaal and Huygens 214 were already in place and have not been modified.

In case of the Huygens room 106, 204, 207 and 226, the camera and microphones are directly connected to the ISSC desktop computer in that room. So you will have to run the Zoom session on that desktop computer, but can still connect your laptop in the usual way to put your presentation on the screen. On the presentation desk in each of these rooms you will find a manual.

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