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Beamer Setup Room HL414

We have installed a new audio visual system in the lecture room 414. This system is based on the University wide used infrastructure for audio-visual systems. And the support is now also mainly provided by the Audio-Visual department of the Faculty. The STRW IT group, however, can provide instant help in urgent cases.

New powerful beamer

The old fading beamer lamp based beamer has been replaced with a modern LED beamer which is much more powerful, in terms of light production, then the older one. Since this is a LED based beamer, there is no heating up/cooling down delay so the beamer an almost be instantly used.

Extron system

As with all University based systems the control of the beamer is done through a little console on top of a small 19-inch cabinet housing some electronic equipment. On top of the cabinet we have a small desktop placed on which you can put your laptop (there is no fixed desktop computer available in this setup).

The desktop il located to the left of the room and out of the way of the screen.

There are three different connection cables to connect your laptop to the system: VGA, HDMI and USB-C. So there is no need for converter cables for the standard connector types. The desktop also offers one power socket to keep your laptop running throughout your presentation.


The Extron system controls several items. Waking up the system, this happens at the moment to stand in front of the desktop, the display lights up.

Start up

To activiate the system, you can press the console button 'display on'.

and the Extron system will lower the projection screen, start the beamer and both TV half way the room. Once the system is active, choose from the console one of the buttons 'VGA', 'HDMI', 'USB-C' to take the information presented on that particular cable to the beamer/TV's.

Now you should be able to start your presentation.

Close down

Once you are done with the presentation and want to wrap up and leave the room, you should press the 'display off' button. This will make the Extron system pull up the projector screen and switch off the beamer and both TV's. After some time the Extron system will finish up and display the startup screen.

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