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Linux software categories

In this section, we want to give a quick overview of available software, subdivided in categories. We are not going to describe every piece of software in detail, but this overview will get notes added about the local setup, and links to the documentation of the package.
An attempt like this is bound to be out-of-date, because software changes rapidly. Please help us to help you; if a piece of software is not documented here, drop us a note. And if something that is documented here appears to be missing, please tell us; perhaps it was dropped by mistake, or it was replaced by another package, and we will do our best to get it back, or document its removal.
See also our software menu overview.

File managers

Archives & backups


Program editors / IDE

Web editors


Word processors




Web browsers


See Email for general settings.

Media players

Video editors


See also astronomical software & mathematical software

Plotting & visualization

  • HDFview - viewer for HDF (4 & 5) format data
    note: many more programs can work with HDF files, eg Veusz and vitables (not in menu)
  • IDL - commercial data visualization tool / programming language
  • Mayavi - visualization
  • Blender - 3D modeling and rendering
  • Dia - diagram editor
  • Grace - numerical, visualization
  • ParaView - Parallel visualization
  • SAOimage / DS9 - astronomical data visualization tools
  • g3data - extracting data from plots
  • JaxoDraw - Feynman diagrams
  • Veusz - scientific plotting package
    can be installed on demand

PostScript and PDF utilities

  • PdfMod: graphical interface to do the most common manipulations on PDF documents, e.g. extract, reorder, rotate, and remove pages; export images from a document, edit the title, subject, author, and keywords, and combine documents via drag and drop.
  • PDF-shuffler: merge or split pdf documents; rotate, crop and rearrange pages
  • PDFedit: (limited) editing of PDF documents
  • flpsed: (limited) editing of PostScript documents
  • pdfmerge: commandline tool to merge pdf files
  • poster, pdfposter: convert a large image to multiple pages for printing
  • pstoedit: convert PS or PDF to various other formats
  • convert: conversion utility that knows about almost all kinds of images

FTP and Remote Desktop



  • Grip audio cd ripping (convert cd to files)
  • K3b CD/DVD writer
  • xfBurn CD/DVD writer
  • Brasero CD/DVD writer
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