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Campus license

The use of Mathematica by staff and students of the Leiden University has been fully financed. Home use is included. The license is paid by the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) and use outside the LION will be charged to other institutes on the basis of usage. So before you can obtain a license (if you are a non-lion user) please confirm expense declaration with your Institute Manager and have him/her confirm the license request to the contact person below.

To acquire the actual license file/key follow the instructions below.

Students and Staff - Home Use License

Request a Mathematica Home Use license for Staff with the Mathematica license number of the Leiden University, L4647-1581 (NOTE, fill in the license number instead of Activation Key), and your Leiden University email address:

Then follow the instructions presented to you. After finalizing the forms you will receive an email confirming your request, later followed by an approval email with additional information and your license key.

For more information or expense confirmation for non_LION users please contact:
Erik Deul
Leiden University
Leiden Observatory
Postbus 9513
2300 RA Leiden
t 071 5275827

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