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Spyder is a interactive development environment for Python

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Know issue: incompatible preferences

Between Fedora 25 and Fedora 27, spyder's preferences have become incompatible. It is advisable to start with default preferences, ie: get rid of all your own settings. This can be achieved by running

spyder --reset 
# or
spyder3 --reset

(or manually tracking down all the saved configuration files, in .spyder{2,3}, .config/spyder* and perhaps other locations)


This issue is solved in the version that comes with Fedora 27

In previous versions:

When we update ipython, spyder doesn't know about this and refuses to start an ipython kernel. The solution is to tell spyder where to look for python modules, since it doesn't seem to use python's built-in sys.path. Open spyder, go to the tools menu, and choose PYTHONPATH manager. There, enter the path to use. For python 2.7:


For python 3.4:


Similarly, it may be necessary to add your own PYTHONPATH additions here as well, if these directories include modules that are needed to start the ipython kernel (probably only for private versions of ipython or jupyter, but perhaps also for software built upon ipython)

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