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The license is paid through the university.
Information about obtaining the software under the campus license is available on another page

Obsolete: Using licenses on your laptop from out license server

We used to have licenses centralized on our license server. This still works for older versions of Matlab. Do not use this method for new installs; please follow the procedurelinked here.

To reach our license server from outside the building, you will need to tunnel the connections through ssh (in this example, on or and then, on your laptop, point LM_LICENSE_FILE to 27000@localhost in stead of the actual server, since localhost:27000 is being forwarded to the license server. Example:

laptop$ ssh -g -L 27000:


laptop$ ssh -g -L 27000:

This opens an ssh session on our 'ssh' server. Keep this session open! Once it is closed, the port forwarding is closed as well! Now, from another terminal window or tab, you can start matlab after pointing to the local host as license server:

tcsh syntax:

laptop$ setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 27000@localhost

or bash:

laptop$ export LM_LICENSE_FILE=27000@localhost

And from that session, you can start matlab. Alternatively, edit the file network.lic in Matlab's installation directory to point to localhost port 27000 (advantage: no 2nd terminal window needed, and you can start matlab from the applications screen or menu (MacOS, Linux))


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