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Desktop applications

For a consistent look and feel, many desktop environment provide their own basic tools for common desktop tasks. Whereas it is possible to mix them, you may be in for surprises.

This table is for Fedora 20-23. When running applications on the RHEL machines (compute nodes and servers), not all of these will be available.

Desktop KDE Gnome Cinnamon Mate XFCE LXDE Other
Preferences system-settings gnome-control-center
cinnamon-control-center mate-*-properties xfce4-settings-manager
File manager dolphin nautilus nemo caja Thunar pcmanfm
Terminal konsole gnome-terminal (mate-terminal) mate-terminal xfce4-terminal lxterminal
Editor kwrite gedit xed pluma leafpad leafpad emacs, nedit
PS/PDF viewer okular
evince xreader atril acroread, gv
Image viewer gwenview eog (eom) eom gpicview xv

Applications listed in parentheses are not officially part of that desktop, but they may be the best match in terms of look and feel, and functionality.

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