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OpenVPN from MacOS

For MacOS there are two programs tjhat can be used to connect to the STRW/IL OpenVPN server: Tunnelblick or OpenVPN-connect. The most common one in Tunnelblick, but below we discuss both programs.


The most common used way to conect to an OpenVPN server from MacOS is uses the Tunnelblick software. You need to download the stable version of the software first:

Install the software in the usual MacOS way.

You must obtain a STRW/IL OpenVPN configuration file. Mail or to request your personal .ovpnconfiguration file. Note this file includes your private VPN key. So keep it at a safe place!

Once you have obtained the .ovpn configutation file, installing it is very easy:

  • You launch Tunnelblick by double clicking Tunnerlblick in the Applications folder ( Tunnelblick is running when you log out, shut down, or restart your computer, it will be launched automatically when you log in. It will also be launched automatically if any VPNs are active when you log in. Otherwise you will have to launch it manually when you need it.)
  • Open both the Folder where you have saved the .ovpn file in Finder, and open the Tunnelblick→VPN Details panel. Now drag and drop the .ovpn file from the Finder onto the Left ('Configurations') panel.

Now you are all set to use VPN. You can close the VPN Details window and Form the top bar you can click the Tunnerlblick icon, which will now show your configuration file, prepvended by the word 'Connect'. Just click that line and your VPN connection will be established.

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