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Cinnamon desktop

A desktop with a traditional look, but based on the latest libraries and technologies, including 3d desktop effects, if desired.

Cinnamon desktop tweaks

In general, Cinnamon looks like ordinary desktops, but it is Gnome 3 at the core. But starting with version 2.0, there are now separate tools for Cinnamon, eg, if you want to modify the programs that start in each session, use cinnamon-session-properties for that (also available from the settings overview).

Some additional pointers:

  • Alt-tab lets you move through the windows on your current desktop (and a feature named “Scale”, which is acccessible under Ctrl-Alt-Down, does something similar but with a different layout).
    Alt-tab behaviour is customizable from the settings (icons with preview, icons only, coverflow, and a few more styles).
  • To access all windows, you need the “Expo” feature, which by default is under “Ctrl-Alt-Up” (easier to remember if you know that ctrl-alt-left and -right allow you to quickly move through workspaces). Expo is by default also configured as “hot corner”: move the mouse to the top right corner of the screen to access it (rather similar to the MacOS feature).
    In Expo you can select any window, but you can also drag windows to other workspaces, and give meaningful (and persistent) names to your workspaces.
  • Another method to access all windows, is the window list (icon in the bottom right corner, showing 2 rectangles).
  • The Cinnamon menu is customizable, using “cinnamon-menu-editor”, also available by right-clicking on the menu applet.
  • There seem to be bugs sometimes, especially due to graphical effects on low-end video drivers. Luckily, with Cinnamon, you don't have to log out. Right-click on the panel, choose “Troubleshoot” and then “Restart Cinnamon”
  • Some of these bugs are related to screen savers. Changing to a simple “blank screen” screensaver usually takes care of this.
  • originally, Cinnamon used most of the Gnome 3 applications. But many of these have since then adopted Gnome's rather unconventional menu layout, and these applications have become difficult to use in other desktop environments (this is especially true for evince and gedit in Fedora 21).
    See our list of desktop applications for suitable alternatives.
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