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When you are new at the Lorentz Institute

Preliminary actions

  • Register your arrival at the IL secretariat located in Oort 251 (IL office map).
  • Register your arrival by the Lorentz Institute IT staff located in HL 409.
  • Read this documentation carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions to your colleagues or the support department.

How to use your IL credentials

All GNU/Linux workstations are accessible with the credentials you chose upon registration by the Lorentz Institute IT staff.

These credentials give you access to your departmental email address


Make sure your check the email above on a regular basis in order not to miss on important communications. If you obtained an IL account just to use the MARIS cluster please note that all official communications regarding the cluster will occur via your IL email account.

Email forwarding

It is possible to forward all incoming mail to your departmental email address to an alternative one by editing your ~/.procmailrc. In any case, please do not use the ~/.forward to set up forwarding to external email addresses.

IL cluster

If you are planning to use the IL computational cluster, please read Maris Cluster.


:!: Never disclose your IL credentials. The IT personnel will never ask for your password. Also, you are encouraged to change your password on a regular basis. You can do that by typing on any IL workstation passwd and following the onscreen indications.

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