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When you are new at the Lorentz Institute

Preliminary actions

  • Register your arrival at the IL secretariat located in Oort 251 (IL office map).
  • Register your arrival by the Lorentz Institute IT staff located in HL 409.

[ Due to COVID-19 regulations registrations in person might not be possible. You will receive temporary credentials to your personal email address. Please make sure your private email address on record is correct and that you modify your temporary credentials asap as described below. ]

  • Read this documentation carefully and download its refcard here and do not hesitate to ask questions to your colleagues or the support department.

The IT support department is available via the following channels


DO NOT email directly any member of the IT support staff because your request for help could go unanswered for a long time especially during holiday periods.

How to use your IL credentials

IL credentials give you unprivileged access to all IL GNU/Linux workstations. These credentials can also be used to access your departmental email address, which has the form


Make sure you check your Lorentz Institute INBOX folder on a regular basis in order not to miss out on important communications. If you obtained a Lorentz Institute account just to use the maris cluster, please note that all official communications regarding the cluster will occur via your Lorentz Institute email account.

:!: Your Lorentz Institute credentials do NOT give you access to your ULCN account nor to the services associated to it, such as Office365, Leiden University Email, Kaltura, MSTeams, USIS, and Blackboard.

:!: Read here on how to forward your Leiden University Email to your Lorentz Institute INBOX.

:!: Do not ever disclose your Lorentz Institute credentials to anybody or any domains different than as this will result in a security breach.

Which credentials and where

There are two accounts with which you have to work during your stay at the Lorentz Institute

  • a Lorentz Institute account for all the IT services at the Lorentz Institute
  • a ULCN account for all University of Leiden centralised IT facilities

These two accounts are disconnected. You are in fact advised to use different passwords for the two. Also, read here on how to set up an email forwarding rule from one inbox to the other.

Here follows an overview of which account is needed where. A username does not include the @ symbol and what follows unless otherwise specified.

Service Link Credentials
IL Webmail Lorentz Institute
IL Intranet Lorentz Institute
IL Account Services Lorentz Institute
IL Helpdesk Lorentz Institute
IL GNU/Linux PCs or Servers Lorentz Institute
UL-STRW-LION WiFi Lorentz Institute (domain: Lorentz)
EduRoam WiFi ULCN with username <ULCN>
UL Remote Environment (SAP etc..) ULCN
Microsoft Office 365 ULCN with username VUW\<ULCN>

Email forwarding

It is possible to forward all incoming mail directed to your Lorentz Institute INBOX to an alternative email address by editing your $HOME/.procmailrc file. Please do not edit the file $HOME/.forward to set up forwarding rules to external email addresses. The default $HOME/.procmailrc with which you are provided contains a self-explicative section to set up a forward rule.

Those who are not familiar with the GNU/Linux command line can manage email forwarding via the Account Services.

Lorentz Institue (x)maris cluster

If you are planning to use the Lorentz Institute computational cluster, you should read its manual pages.

Reset your Lorentz Institute Password

You are encouraged to modify your Lorentz Institute password on a regular basis to mitigate security risks. A good password should be difficult to guess and should be usually made of mixed-case letters, numbers and special characters. There are two ways you can reset your Lorentz Institute password:

  1. Via the GNU/Linux command line using passwd
  2. Via the Lorentz Institute Account Services

Have you forgotten your Lorentz Institute password? Please contact us.

Keep your Lorentz Institute Profile Information up-to-date

It is important that your profile information in our possession is always up-to-date. To display your profile and make changes please visit the Lorentz Institute Account Services page.

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