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Self Service from Linux desktop


Use your Linux Desktop and open FIREFOX as the browser. Then open the url:, or → Medewerkers → Remote Werkplek.

Remote Werkplek Login Screen

After the above actions you will see the Remote Werkplek Login Screen:

Login to the Remote Werkplek using your University (ULCN) account information and you get the Remote Werkplek desktop:

Click on the Self Service SAP folder and then on the Sap Self Service Internet Explorer Icon

After clicking you will see a window pop-up telling you the Citrix Receiver is Launching. Once this is done the IE window with the Self Service login appears.

Now login using your University (ULCN) account information and you can Self Service away!

File Upload

Google Chrome

For Google Chrome, a Citrix workspace app (previously: Citrix receiver) is available in the Chrome app store. Once this app is installed, you can use it to connect to:

and log in. Screens will look almost identical to the ones shown above for Firefox.

It is also possible (and easier) to start a Chrome app directly; in most Linux desktops, Chrome adds its apps to the system menu and you can start it from there. The app will even remember the login URL after the first time, assuming you don't need other Citrix services.

See Citrix receiver for Chrome documentation

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