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Enable full functional Citrix Receiver

Standard procedure

It is essential to run the remote campus Citrix system using the full functional Citrix Receiver. If you run the remote campus Citrix system using the 'lite' functionality you will not have the full capacity of the tool at your disposal. In particular file access to the local disks of your personal computer will not be available.

Once you are logged in to the remote campus tool you will find a setting icon in the right top corner of the window. Open the settings icon and choose 'Account settings'. This will open the following window: Go to 'Change Citrix Receiver' and you will be presented a window that allows detecting the presence of the Citrix Receiver App on your computer: Click the 'Detect Receiver' button and wait for it's response. If no popup window appears you do not have the full functional Citrix Receiver installed on your system. In this case go back to the 'Account Settings' window (click de back button of your browser, click settings icon and select 'Account Settings'). Now click on the 'Activate Citrix Receiver' and this will download an install script for the full functional Citrix Receiver. Install this package following the install instruction by executing the downloaded script.

After installation go back to 'Detect Receiver' and it should now detect and enable the full functional Citrix Receiver.

Once that is done, log out and log back in to the remote campus Citrix tool and from this point on you should have all functionality at your disposal.

If all else fails

If the previous mechanism does not resolve your problem, you can always manually download the Citrix Receiver from the Citrix site.

Go to for Windows or for MacOS and click the Download butten and follow the installation steps.

After successful installation, restart the remote campus tool and now it should be able to detect Citrix on your laptop/desktop.

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