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Remote access

For the purpose of working outside the institute, access to the local systems is provided in several secure ways:

  • Remote login: There are ssh servers tha provide login facilities to the institute front end computers. These ssh servers can be used to further login to local Linux desktops and servers or can be used to build ssh tunnels to allow remote access to local facilities, such as desktop graphical interface or license server.
  • Desktop access: Using an ssh tunnel the graphical interface of a Linux desktop/server of Windows desktop can be forwarded to the remote requester that has authenticated him/herself through the ssh login. This way one can fully take over the desktop in user space.
  • License access: Using an ssh tunnel a remote machine running a licensed package can obtain a license key from the institute license pool, thus running licensed software as if inside the institue.
  • VPN: It is also possible to run a vpn client (after having obtained certifications keys from system management), thus becoming part of local institute domain. This is particularly useful when accessing IP restricted information, such as library resources.
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