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Connecting to a bach(elor) server from Linux

The easiest way to connect to a bachelor server from Linux is to use x2goclient (which can be downloaded here), which automatically uses an ssh tunnel to communicate the RDP protocol. Note that this application is installed on most Sterrewacht Linux computers. First, open x2goclient.

Click on the New session icon to set up a new connection (see left image; click to enlarge).

Give the session a name and enter the host name in Host: (in this example,

Provide your username in Login: and for the Session type at the bottom select either MATE or XFCE.

Under the Input/Output tab, you should set the size of the display. Press Ok when done.

Start the session by clicking on the session or enter the session name in Session:.

Log in with your credentials and accept any keys if necessary.

Alternatively, one can use remmina (Remmina Remote Desktop Client).

Open the application and press New connection profile in the upper left corner (see left image; click to enlarge).

Give the profile a name and select RDP as protocol.

Enter the server name and your username

Set a suitable custom resolution at Resolution.

To allow the communication to go through an ssh tunnel, go to the SSH Tunnel tab. Press Enable SSH tunnel and enter your username.

Initialise the session by pressing Save and Connect and enter your password.


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