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Remote Desktop with VPN from Windows

When Connected With VPN Connection LION you can now type Remote Desktop in the search bar. Click on Remote Desktop Connection

Click on Show Options

Fill in your full computer name and your physics\username

Click on Connect Type your password and click on OK

Now you must choose the option “Send Me a Push” or “Enter a Passcode”

Enable Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer and click on Yes\\ Now you will be connected to your Remote Computer.
Please click now on the - minimize on the blue bar above.
Right click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon in the taskbar and click on Pin to taskbar

Now you can click on Remote Desktop Connection icon in the taskbar and you are back to the Remote Computer.
Next time you Connect the VPN you only have to click this icon to connect to your remote computer.
When you want to stop the Remote Connection please click on the X on the blue bar above.
Also don’t forget to disconnect your VPN Connection LION

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