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Sfinx Envcap database

Location: $OSdir/local/envcap and ~/.envcap
The standard Sfinx .cshrc or .bashrc will (among other things) read the system settings, which will set all necessary environment variables from the envcap database. The system copy is stored in $OSdir/local/envcap, and these definitions are augmented/superceeded by those in the user's .envcap file (if it exists).
The format of those files is:


where variable is the name of the variable to set, host is a list of hosts or host-types for which this variable should be set and value is the value.


As mentioned above, the 2nd field on the line can be a mixture of host names (without domain name), domains or machine types. Names are separated by spaces. Individual computer names should be marked with a _ (underscore) before or after the name. If a name contains dots, it is assumed to be a domain name. Everything else is considered an operating system type


Different variables or values:


This sets the font for both enscript and nenscript on the systems were the respective programs are available.

Modify system defaults


This adds $SOFTWARE directories to the path on both versions of the SUN operating system. And on vecht, it selects a device as your default tape device.


Be careful with quotes and colons in the value of the variable. Colons should be preceded by a backslash (\:)

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