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Lorentz Institute Printers

Members of the Institute can print on any of the following printers when on-campus

lorentz_small Corridor Oort 2nd floor Color HP Color LaserJet cp4520ipp(s)://
lorentz_medium Corridor Oort 2nd floor Color HP Color LaserJet M553ipp(s)://
oort1-color Corridor Oort 1st floor Color HP Color LaserJet cp2025ipp(s)://

Printing from GNU/Linux Workstations

Via any Application GUI

All Lorentz Institute printers have been pre-configured and are ready to be used on your GNU/Linux workstation. These should appear in a drop-down menu of the print panel of the software you are using to print.

Printing From the Terminal

lpstat -p Display a list and state of available printers
lpr -Pprinter-name doc.pdf Print doc.pdf on printer-name
lpstat -v Display Printers connecton info

Printing from GNU/Linux, MacOS personal desktops and laptops

Connect your device to the UL-STRW-LION wireless network or use a cabled connection if that is available in your office 1).

We advise you use the CUPS software to install any of the IL printers.

Steps to Install the lorentz_medium printer 2)
Browse to https://localhost:631 (CUPS)
Select the administration tab (insert your personal device account credentials if asked)
Click on Add new printer
Select ipp printer
Sse ipp(s):// as connection
Select the right manufacturer (HP in this case)
Select IPP everywhere or, if that is not available, the driver corresponding to the printer model (see table above) from the drivers list
Push add to finalise
Optionally you can configure the printer to print double side

You can repeat the steps above to install any other printer. Just change the printer name accordingly.

:!: The use of PCL drivers to install a printer could result in black-and-white printing only.

Multifunctional Copiers/Printers

These systems are not managed by the IL support team. If you experience any problems with them, please do not hesitate to contact citing the location of the printer and its name/code which you will find on the printer itself.

The network sockets you can use with your personal devices are labelled laptop
tested with several GNU/Linux distros and with Mac OS Mojave
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