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 ====== Leaving the Lorentz Institute ====== ====== Leaving the Lorentz Institute ======
-From the date your account expires ​there is a six-month period in which you will still be able to access your account. This is done to facilitate any data transfers and backups that you might still have pending. +From the date your appointment ends at the Lorentz Institute ​there is a __**six-month period**__ in which your credentials can still be used  ​to access ​the workstations, ​your email, and the Xmaris cluster if you were granted access. This is done to facilitate any data transfers and backups that you might still want to do before leaving the Institute.
-Upon termination of this `grace'​ period, you will have to contact your Lorentz ​Institute ​supervisor to arrange for your account to be extended. Your supervisor, in turns, will have to contact the [[https://​|helpdesk]] and request the extension.+
-For more info, please read [[:​actions_to_take_when_leaving_leiden_observatory|here]].+Upon termination of this `grace'​ period, you account will be `archived'​. This means that you will be no longer ​ able to access the Institute IT services and that any e-mail forwarding rules you set in your ''​.procmailrc''​ or using the [[https://​​www/​people/​user/​services|account services]] will cease to exist. Should it be needed, please contact your Lorentz Institute supervisor to arrange for an extension of your account. Your supervisor, in turns, will have to contact the [[https://​|helpdesk]] and request the extension. 
 +Your data will NOT be deleted upon termination of your appointment by the IL. 
 +For more info, please ​also read [[:​actions_to_take_when_leaving_leiden_observatory|here]]. 
 +===== Research data ===== 
 +We do not erase or modify the data you produced during your stay at the Lorentz Institute. In fact, we advise you backup, in accordance with your supervisor, any data you have produced for your research. Although we offer storage space on both the workstations network and the xmaris cluster network, you are encouraged to maintain your personal backup of research data. The following disks can be used as storage upon leaving the Institute 
 +^Network^Mount Point^Total Size^Redundancy^ 
 +|workstations|/​disks/​misc | 5 TB | RAID, 1:00 AM Daily Snapshots with two-day expiration | 
 +|xmaris ​     |/marisdata | 60 TB | NetApp RAID_DP ((If you want to know more about this RAID technology, please consult the NetApp manuals at \\ 
 +https://​​us/​products/​platform-os/​raid-dp.aspx and  
 +https://​​ecmdocs/​ECMP1636022/​html/​GUID-DAEB7BDC-4E6E-4CEE-9B3D-F40962C3D428.html)),​ No Snapshots | 
 +===== Returning acquired hardware ===== 
 +Upon leaving the Institute, you are **required** to return to our offices (HL40[5-9]) any hardware acquired during your stay and which belongs to the University of Leiden. This hardware is usually marked with a University of Leiden sticker. For more info please read [[leaving:​hardware|Hardware acquired using SAP organized funding]].
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