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GDPR and Zoom

Please make use of our licensed accounts via, do NOT use the free version of zoom!

All user zoom profiles on our licensed account have been setup to restrict data access and storage to European Data Centers (in line with GDPR requirements). Lots of parameters have been tuned to maximum security, for example the function 'attention tracking' is off by default. Please do not modify these settings we have applied.

In addition you must to apply the below security settings in order to ensure maximum security for zoom events:

  • For all meetings set a password and change this password for each new meeting you schedule. (In Settings enable “Require a password when scheduling new meetings”).
  • There is also the possibility to generate a unique meeting ID for each meeting instead of using a fixed personal ID.
  • Disable the 'Enable join before host' check box, so you have full control of incoming participants during the meeting (From the Participants menu, you can mouse over a participant’s name, and several options will appear, including Remove. Also in Meeting (basics) settings set “Allow removed participants to rejoin” to off.)
  • If you want to record the session, please get the consent of all participants in the session. Select the location to store the recording: 'Record to local computer'. If you chose 'record to Cloud', download the recording as soon as possible and remove it from the Zoom cloud store.
  • Do not share documents, nor download share documents
  • Start each session with video and audio on mute
  • If you use the browser for zoom, set your cookie settings to minimal

Of course this makes Zoom less convenient to use, this is the easiest and least intrusive solution to fully open meetings.

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