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Anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP has been disabled, please see here for an alternative.

The anonymous ftp area of the Sterrewacht is available at [[]. You login with username: ftp or username: anonymous and provide as password your email address. Anonymous users can only write in directories that are writable by everyone (chmod 777), and are not allowed to create directories. So if you want an upload area, create a world-writable directory for this purpose.

===== Local access =====

The directory structure visible from the anonymous ftp side can be found at:/disks/ftphome/pub. For administrative purposes, please make a directory with you loginname in this structure and place your files or directory structure underneath this newly created directory. It remains your own responsibility to keep track of files published in this area. Clean up what you don't need any more, and if you allow uploads (eg from co-workers), make sure you move them to your own data disks.

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