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 +====== WinClient ======
 +From time to time, you may be faced with a document or website, which doesn'​t know yet that it is a good thing to work cross-platform,​ and you need access to a Windows system.
 +For this purpose, we have set up a Windows terminal server. From our Linux desktops, access to this server is possible using the command ''​winclient''​.
 +You can log in using the same username and password you use for Linux. By default, the server should know to
 +connect you to the ''​STERREWACHT''​ domain, but it never hurts to check.
 +Once logged in, your Linux home directory is mounted as the ''​Z:''​ drive so you can access all your files. If you need access to files on other disks, you can make a link (in Linux), and the Windows server will be able to access it.
 +(well, make sure the link is a path visible over the network. So linking to ''/​net/​schelde/​data1''​ will work, but linking to a local name like ''/​data1''​ will not work)
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