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Remote access using VPN


There is a new OpenVPN server that allows you to connect your personal computer/device to the internet as if it were part of the Observatory computer network. The server is a standalone server with the sole purpose of providing VPN connections, and to which you can connect using an OpenVPN client.

For OpenVPN you will need a special .ovpn file to get access to our VPN service. Please request one via

There are OpenVPN clients for the major operating systems:

Lorentz Institute

The Lorentz Institute offers its staff members* a VPN service for remote connections to the IL intranet. Apart from preserving users privacy, the IL VPN lets you access services that would otherwise be unavailable when working remotely. A use-case would be to access scientific journals contents using the Institute subscription.

Request your IL VPN access via

OSSupported Clients
GNU/Linux OpenVPN v2.3+
WindowsOpenVPN v2.3+
MacOS TunnelBlick
AndroidOpenVPN v2.3+

LION Physics

For the PHYSICS domain there is a separate Windows Based VPN server, that provides the same functionality as the OpenVPN example above, but is better geared to the Windows enviroment. Before you can setup a VPN connection you need to contact to obtain a Secret Key and have you PHYSICS account enabled for VPN use.

You can connect from:

Once you have a VPN connection you can use:

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