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Remote access using VPN


There is a new OpenVPN server that allows you to connect your personal computer/device to the internet as if it were part of the Observatory computer network. The server is a standalone server with the sole purpose of providing VPN connections, and to which you can connect using an OpenVPN client.

For OpenVPN you will need a special .ovpn file to get access to our VPN service. Please request one via

There are OpenVPN clients for the major operating systems:

Lorentz Institute

The Lorentz Institute offers its staff members an OpenVPN service for remote connections to the IL intranet. Apart from preserving users privacy, the IL OpenVPN lets you access services that would otherwise be unavailable when working remotely. A use-case would be to access scientific journals contents using the Institute subscription.

Request your IL OpenVPN access via

There are OpenVPN clients for the major operating systems:

LION Physics

For the PHYSICS domain there is a separate Windows Based VPN server, that provides the same functionality as the OpenVPN example above, but is better geared to the Windows enviroment.

Before you can setup a VPN connection you need to contact to obtain a Secret Key and have your PHYSICS account enabled for VPN use.

You can connect from:

Once you have a VPN connection you can use:

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