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 ====== Zoom video conferencing ====== ====== Zoom video conferencing ======
 Sterrewacht Leiden has bought a number of licenses for [[https://​|Zoom video conferencing]] Sterrewacht Leiden has bought a number of licenses for [[https://​|Zoom video conferencing]]
-+Most of the licenses have been allocated for specific uses, but there is one general license available for anyone who needs it.  
 +If you want to use the general account, please contact our to schedule your use of it, and obtain the login information for setting up the meeting. 
 +===== Client software ===== 
 +Zoom meetings can be connected to through the zoom app (download through for your own computer; the app is already installed on (most?) Sterrewacht desktops. It is also possible to participate in a meeting through a webbrowser.
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