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Tandberg Edge 85MXP, Oort 531

This is the oldest Video conferencing unit we have in house. It is an endpoint Video Conferencing unit so you can either setup a point-to-point connection from this unit to another Video Conferencing unit, become the receiving other edge point in a point-to-point connection, or you can call into a Video Conferencing meeting and participate as one of the endpoints in that meeting.


Protocol: H323

How to operate

The Tandberg Edge 85MXP system consists out of a controller box, a movable camera and a table microphone pad. It is connected to the CTOUCH screen through its HDMI connector (The CTOUCH can also be used as a presentation screen without using the Video Conferencing unit, by selecting the PC input).

Before you can see anything, you need to activate the screen. Press the On button on the remote to switch the screen on. Then make sure you have selected the HDMI1 input to allow the Video Conferencing unit display. To enable the Video Conferencing unit pick up the remote and wiggle it. You will see the camera moving out of its rest position towards the preset active position. At the same time the CTOUCH display should show you the main Video Conferencing page.

You can now type in a remote IP number to connect to another Video Conferencing unit (the . in the IP number can be replaced with a *. After typing the IP address, you press the green pickup button on the remote to establish the connection.

Tandberg Edge 85MXP user manual

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