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 ======Self Service from Windows Desktop====== ======Self Service from Windows Desktop======
 +On your Windows Desktop, you will see an Internet Explorer icon name NUWD. \\
 +{{:univ:nuwd.png?|}} \\
 +Click on that and you should get the Remote Werkplek Login Screen in a browser.
-====File Upload==== +=====Remote Werkplek Login Screen===== 
-For some activity (Travel and Expenses, or ROG forms) you need to upload attachment filesIt is possible to do so from the ''%%Remote Werkplek%%'', but only from the local desktop diskSo make sure you have copied your PDF files from your ''%%P:%%'' disk to your Windows Desktop.+After the above actions you will see the Remote Werkplek Login Screen:\\ 
 +{{:univ:selfservice.png?900|}} \\ 
 +Login to the Remote Werkplek using your University (ULCN) account information and you get the Remote Werkplek desktop: \\ 
 +{{:univ:selfservice1.png?900|}} \\ 
 +Click on the Self Service SAP folder and then on the Sap Self Service Internet Explorer Icon\\ {{:univ:ie_sap.png?|}} \\ 
 +After clicking you wil see a window pop-up telling you the Citrix Receiver is Launching. Once this is done the IE window with the Self Service login appears.\\ 
 +{{:univ:selfservice2.png?900|}} \\ 
 +Now login using your University (ULCN) account information and you can Self Service away! 
 +=====File Upload===== 
 +[[univ:selfservice:file_upload_win|File Upload from Windows Desktop]]
-Go to the Travel and Expenses of ROG forms pages and whenever you need to add a document to the form click on the ''%%Attachment%%'' button. A window will pop-up:\\ 
-Click on the add button and another window will open:\\ 
-Now click on the browse button and you willl get a file browser:\\ 
-In the left pane you will see an expandable line "network". \\ 
-Click on the + sign and you will see an expandable line "Client". \\ 
-Click on the + sign and you will see an expandable line "C$". \\ 
-Click on the + sign and you will see an expandeble line "Users".\\ 
-Click on the + sign and you will see a list of user names, among which your name is listed an an expandable line.\\ 
-Click on the + sign and you will see a list of directories among which you see "Desktop".\\ 
-Click on Desktop and in the right pane you will see all the files that reside on your desktop of you Windows machine.\\  
-Now select the file for upload and click "Open"\\ 
-The file browser window will disappear and on the file upload a confirmation window will appear\\ 
-Click OK and the file will be attached to your self service form. 
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