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Most of the desktop machine at the STRW can be accessed through the ssh protocol. So when you know your machine name, use that (including the domain) to access that machine directly.

If you do not have a personal machine you can use the virtual machine to log into our systems and continue from there with an ssh to any of the science servers or cluster machines.

Instituut Lorentz

For Instituut Lorentz, the server is Desktops and servers cannot be reached directly from outside, so you will always have to go through the ssh server first. But see also our list of details and tricks


For LION, there is

SSH shell access

SSH keys

SFTP and SCP file access

SSH tunnels

For the Mac and Linux commandline ssh client, setting up a tunnel is usually a matter of using the option -L local_port:remote_machine:remote_port, e.g. -L 3389:windowsmachine:3389' for forwarding a Windows remote desktop. More detail can be found in the ssh man-page or online. See putty for instructions about setting up a tunnel with putty'' (Windows, linux ssh client).

SSH client software

Linux and macOS come with a commandline client for ssh. For Windows, the recommended client is putty

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