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   * [[:services:2fa:introduction|why, where and how]]   * [[:services:2fa:introduction|why, where and how]]
-======Timeline===== +[[:services:2fa:acronyms|Note on acronyms]]
-We will not implement 2FA at the same time for all services, but will gradually enable 2FA according to [[services:2fa:timeline|this timeline]].+
 ======Working with 2FA ===== ======Working with 2FA =====
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   * [[services:2fa:continued|remaining setup]]   * [[services:2fa:continued|remaining setup]]
- +=====Browser Extension===== 
 +For several popular internet browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, ...) there is a very convenient add-on/extension/plugin that can be installed on your Personal Computer to generate the 2FA passcodes. This also works for the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) of Leiden University uaccount services. After 2FA / MFA is activated, here are the steps to install and activate the browser extension: 
 +  * [[services:2fa:browserextension|Authenticator Extension]]
 =====Regular use of 2FA===== =====Regular use of 2FA=====
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