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There are several aspects to this service:

  • Personal webstack: Each user has an area with his home directory that maps to a personal web site denoted by appending the standard institute url with ~username. It can contain any information the user wishes to disclose to the world.
  • Project websites: A project can use request a personal url and web directory structure to present information and data to the world or a restricted set of people. The webstack source is stored on the high availability storage area and is backed up daily. Data can be located on any of the shares available to the web server system. Is standard WEB software is used (such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal), system management is in charge of applying security updates. STRWLION
  • Management websites: These are sites available for office automation, system management, and general institute information disclosure. In particular the office automation and system management sites are highly secure as the contain personal or system sensitive information that should not be accessible to the general public.
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