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Home directory

This is the place where users store their local mail folders and where they can store personal files and files that need highly secure and reliability. It is of limited size (user quota in place) as the high reliability requirement forces a backup procedure that puts a high demand on the storage media.

Data on this disk is backuped twice a day and a retention period of maximum 1/2 year is in place. Retrieving backuped version of files is done though system management. Sent an email to the helpdesk of the institute or enter a ticket in the helpdesk tool

You home directory is there to store information you do not want to loose, like email and software you developed. To see how full or empty your home directory is, have a look at disk quota.

Science data you should store elsewhere on the computer environment, for instance on the local disks of the computer you are working in. Look in the virtual desktop server manual section 'Storing and accessing your project data'. Or for the desktop case look at the desktop pages.

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