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 +======Personal WEB pages======
 +All LINUX server based groups, Observatory and Institute Lorentz, have inside their personal home directory a directory name ''​%%public_html%%'',​ which is the top level directory of your personal WEBstack. Your personal webstack has a URL link http://​​~ACCOUNT,​ where INSTITUTE is either strw, physics or lorentz and ACCOUNT is the login name you use to access your personal desktop.
 +In order for the WEB server to read your ''​%%public_html%%''​ directory you ned to set the access rights of that directory to:
 +   chmod 711 public_html
 +The WEB server reads in order the ''​%%index.php%%''​ or ''​%%index.html%%''​ file as the index to start out serving your WEBstack.
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