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 ==== Connecting to a bach(elor) server from MacOS ==== ==== Connecting to a bach(elor) server from MacOS ====
-**UNDER CONSTRUCTION**+The easiest way to open a session on one of the bachelor servers is to use the RDP client ''x2go'' ([[|download the relevant version here]]). To open a session, please follow the steps described in the [[:manuals:bachelorservers:linux|tutorial for Linux machines]].
-Open ''Microsoft Remote Desktop'' ([[|download here]]). Press ''Add PC'' in the "+"-menu. Enter the server address in ''PC name:'' and press ''Add''. Double-click on the new PC, enter your credentials and press ''Continue'' when complaining about about the certificate+An alternative way to open a graphics-based RDP session from MacOS is to use ''Microsoft Remote Desktop'' ([[|download here]]).
 +For security reasons you first have to open an ''ssh'' connection to the bachelor server of choice. Open a terminal or xterm and start an ''ssh'' session with the option ''-L'' to allow the xrdp protocol communication to pass through SSH, for example:
 +ssh -L 12345:localhost:3389 -l <username>
 +Accept the key (only asked when connecting to a new server) and enter your password. What happens is that the internet protocol (IP) port on which RDP communication takes place (3389) is connected from the bachelor server through ''ssh'' to IP port 12345 of your own computer (can effectively be any number >= 10000). Note that we don't need to include the -X option with ssh, as we do not require any X-windows communication. 
 +Now start ''Microsoft Remote Desktop''.
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_addpc.png?50|}} Click on the ''+'' in the upper left part of the window and select ''Add PC'' (see left image; click to enlarge).
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_pcname.png?50|}} At the top, after ''PC name:'', enter ''localhost:12345'' (or whatever number you used when starting the ''ssh'' session).
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_resolution.png?50|}} Under ''Display'' for the ''Resolution:'' select anything else than ''Default for this display'' (for example, 1920×1080). Note that a different display size leads to a different session being started. 
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_fullscreen.png?50|}} Also under ''Display'' you can select or deselect the ''Start session in full screen'', depending on your preference.
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_add.png?50|}} When done, press ''Add'' at the bottom right.
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_newpc.png?50|}} Double-click on the new PC. 
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_credentials.png?50|}} Enter your credentials and press ''Continue''
 +{{:manuals:mac_microsoft_rd_certificate.png?50|}} Press ''Continue'' when it complains about about the certificate. 
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