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Working with Python

Starting with the academic year 2017/2018 all class workstations will be configured to offer maximum flexibility to python users. Below is a summary of the most important settings that you should take into account when working with python.

OS-embedded python installation

All workstations will run a pre-generated windows 10 image containing python, spyder, anaconda, etc..The operating system will be upgraded typically once a year and so will the python packages installed therein.

Central python library

Because upgrading python packages once a year might not be sufficient for certain tasks, each workstation will source any python package present in a central repository before sourcing any locally installed package. This set up has the effect of overriding any locally installed python package should an upgrade be available in the central repository. Because the central repository can also host packages that are not locally installed at all, it can effectively act as an expansion of the local python library.

The central python repository is only writeable by the administrator and is located on the so-called T: drive.

:!: If your workstation cannot map the T: drive, please contact the administrator or the helpdesk@physics.

Users python libraries

To offer maximum flexibility and to allow users to do their programming as they wish, any python packages present in their home space in P:\AppData will be sourced first to allow overriding any of the centrally or locally installed python packages. For instance if a user wanted to install a package, they could execute the following lines

# open anaconda prompt
set APPDATA=P:\AppData
pip install <whatever package> --user

Similarly, the upgrade of an already existing package can be done in this way

# open anaconda prompt
set APPDATA=P:\AppData
pip install -U <whatever package> --user

:!: Add –no-deps if you want to exclude all dependencies from the install process.

:!: If the P: drive is not mapped on your workstation, please contact the administrator or the helpdesk@physics.

Notes and suggested readings

The configuration described above has been tested on both windows 7 and windows 10 workstations.




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