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Meetnet Storage Server


The data03 storage system is based on DellEMC Isilon hardware, that is currently about 450TB large. The data03 system is located in the Leiden Data Center and can be used to store your scientific data, directly from the acquisition source for saving measurement data or via your Workstation to allow you to do specialized data reduction. As data03 also has an archiving functionality it is essential your data stays safe over a 10 year period. For that reason all data03 data is synchronized with an identical system in the Delft University Data Center.

New setup

The data03 storage system has been setup a little different than the data02 system. The main differences are

  • You cannot connect to a PI share if you are not a member of the PI user group. This means that you cannot mount a share from another PI, unless you have been explicitly given the right to do so.
  • Each share has its own quota. This way no one can fill up the storage system to such a level that all other PI's are blocked saving their data.
    • Upon initialization each PI share has been given 1.25 * (current data02 use).
    • If you exceed 90% of your allocated quota, the PI will be informed of this fact by an email from the system.
  • The Delft server is fully synced with the Leiden server, so there is no true backup facility anymore. The Delft server has a live copy of all data from the Leiden server.
    • This mechanism has been chosen because in the past 6 years use of data02 we have never received a request to restore a backup from data.
    • Not maintaining backups, but just a live sync is a considerably cheaper solution, thus allowing us to have a bigger main storage size.
  • The current total storage capacity is about 450TB and can be extended stepwise with 200TB blocks until 5PB…

How to access data03

Please follow this link for information on how to connect to the data03 system.

Phasing out data02

It is your responsibility to copy all relevant data from data02 to the new data03 system. We ask you to do so as system management has no clue to the data management of your scientific date. We also ask you to take this opportunity to weed out unnecessary data from data02 and only move essential data to data03. System management can help you perform the actual copying of data if it concerns 'easy' full directory transfer. But, please, take this opportunity to look at your data and sift out unnecessary information before transering it to data03.

The data02 system will stay alive for the coming months, but as it is already a 6 year old piece of hardware, there is no guarantee it will stay fully functional for a long time. We plan to shutdown data02 the end of November 2022. So make sure you have copied all your important data by then.

Please inform us when you have transfered your data storage use from data02 to data03, because we will then close your data02 share for writing. This ensures that no one in your group can accidentilly still write science data to the old storage.

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