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Meetnet Storage Server

Transition howto

  • Next weekend (July 16th/17th) all the PI-folders from the Data3-share will be copied to the new Data02 server. During this operation the old Data3-share on Data01 will be disabled(!) After the copy operation is complete you can access your files again on the new Data02 file server.
  • For convenience I have created an installer which you can run on your Windows computer which creates a Data02-shortcut on your desktop and changes some system settings related to the transition from Data01 to Data02. You can find it here:
  • Note that from now on you need to prefix your network username with “PHYSICS\” (without the quotes → e.g. PHYSICS\your_user_name) when connecting to our file servers (see also:Connecting to data02).
  • Also starting this weekend, the old (legacy) group-shares on Data01 will become read only. This allows you to copy any (relevant) files to your PI group folder on Data02. Please use this opportunity to really clean up your files instead of simply copying over all files, else we will run out of diskspace again in no time. After a two months (15 October) Data01 will be taken offline, but we will sending you notifications of this fact prior to the offline moment.
  • Data02 will use an offsite backup facility comparable to the one used for Data01. A backup is created everyday and we can go back in time up to 1 month. Note that there is a finite number of (daily/weekly) backups thus you can’t retrieve *any* changed version of a file. The backup storage server will be the place where the Data Management life time of your measurement data is guaranteed.
  • For the ones that like to access their files on Data02 from home (like is already possible with Data01) you can use WinSCP which is provided by an updated version of the SSH-Utilities package. You can find it here:
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