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Enroll in DUO

You have to enroll the two factor authentication (2FA) DUO.

Note that in order to use the DUO app you need to have a modern OS version on your Smart Phone:

  • Android 8.0 or greater
  • IOS 12.0 or greater

If your Smart Phone is running an older OS version, please contact We can install a special key set that will work with more general TOTP (non-DUO) apps lie FreeOTP or Google Authenticator.

Standard DUO setup

The first step in this procedure is that you register yourself in the 2FA system called DUO. For this, login with your PHYSICS account on the WEB-mail,

You will now be presented a setup procedure, as show and explained below. Just follow the instructions and you are all set for two factor authentication.

For the time being this will only work for the webmail in order to let you have some experience with the system.

If you have any questions, contact:

Setup Procedure

If you have never enrolled in DUO you will be presented a series of windows displayed below. The first window introduces you to the setup procedure. Click 'Start setup' to continue to the actual setup.

We will setup the most standard situation, where you have a smart phone on which you can install the DUO app. Note that if you own an old Android phone, you must be a version 8.0 or higher. If this is not the case, you will need to ask for a yubikey hardware device from the IT department.

In order for the DUO system to be able to push login authentication request sto your phone, you need to provide your mobile telephone number.

After providing the information you can continue the setup process.

DUO needs to know about your smart phone operating system since there are slight difference between those systems.

You must now go to the application store appropriate for yoyr phone's operating system and download/install the DUO app.

Once you have installed the app, you can use the + sign in the app to make it read the presented QRCode and let it learn you and our authentication keys.

Now everything is ready to continue to actually login to the application you were trying to access. In this case webmail.

You should have received an email from the DUO system explaining you successfully enrolled. It looks something like this.

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