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 +====== Sfinx scripts ======
 +Many scripts are provided, for various uses.
 +===== Startup scripts for applications =====
 +For most of the installed software packages, a simple startup script takes care of setting up the environment and loading the package. In most cases, this takes the place of the sometimes very elaborate setups that are given with the package, to be added to the user's environment,​ possibly clashing with other packages. In other words, in order to run any of these packages, you don't have to follow setup instructions,​ but they just work by typing the command name.
 +^ Package ^ Script(s) ^ Additional notes ^
 +| AIPS | aips | User needs to set up a .dadevs file to point to data areas |
 +| IRAF | iraf | Default startup. For additional options, see [[IRAF]] |
 +|      | cl , ecl, ncl, vocl |  Startup scripts for the various IRAF command language shells |
 +|      | xiraf | Starts iraf inside an xgterm window |
 +TO DO: extend list!!
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