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 +====== Sfinx module files ======
 +===== Incomplete modules =====
 +In some cases, loading the environment module is not sufficient to complete the setup for a [[sfinx_packages|package]]. This is currently true for these modules:
 +  * iraf (but: environment setup is usually not needed to use the program, only when building your own tasks or running them from scripts outside the cl)
 +  * miriad (but: environment setup is usually not needed to use the program, only if you want to use tasks from outside the miriad shell)
 +  * newstar (dynamic list of aliases and some files are created when starting up)
 +  * pydbsm (LOFAR setup)
 +  * scisoft
 +  * starlink
 +The proper way to set up these environments,​ is with the [[sfinx_packages|package]] command, which will initialize the environm,​ent module and do some additional setup which is hard to convert to a module file format. Note that there is no ''​unload''​ method for these packages, some of these settings are even more difficult to undo than to set up.
 +===== Special case: MPI =====
 +In case of MPI, there is a complication:​ not only do we offer multiple versions of MPI (currently MPICH and OpenMPI), but since MPI also offers a python module, we have to split this in a module file for python 2.x and one for python 3.x.
 +By default, ''​mpi/​mpich-x86_64''​ is loaded when you log in. On Fedora <= 21 and RHEL <= 7.x, this offers the python 2.7 version fo the module. For any other version, use a ''​module switch''​ command:
 +  module switch mpi/​mpich-x86_64-python3
 +  module switch mpi/​openmpi-x86_64-python3
 +  module switch mpi/​openmpi-x86_64-python2
 +  module switch mpi/​mpich-x86_64-python2
 +  module switch mpi/​openmpi-x86_64
 +The version without a reference to a python version in its name, sets the PYTHONPATH for the system default version of python (currently 2.7). For the sake of completeness,​ and in order to be absolutely sure for which python version you are loading the environment,​ we provide the versions with ''​-python2''​ and ''​-python3''​.
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