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 +====== Sfinx Envcap database ======
 +**Location**:​ $OSdir/​local/​envcap and ~/.envcap\\
 +The standard Sfinx ''​.cshrc''​ or ''​.bashrc''​ will (among other things) read the system settings, which will set all necessary environment variables from the **envcap** database. The system copy is stored in ''​$OSdir/​local/​envcap'',​ and these definitions are augmented/​superceeded by those in the user's ''​.envcap''​ file (if it exists).
 +The format of those files is:
 +  variable:​hosts:​values
 +where variable is the name of the variable to set, host is a list of hosts or host-types for which this variable should be set and value is the value.
 +===== Hosts =====
 +As mentioned above, the 2nd field on the line can be a mixture of host names (without domain name), domains or machine types. Names are separated by spaces. Individual computer names should be marked with a _ (underscore) before or after the name. If a name contains dots, it is assumed to be a domain name. Everything else is considered an operating system type
 +==== Examples ====
 +Different variables or values:
 +  ENSCRIPT:​Solaris:​-fCourier8
 +  NENSCRIPT:​Linux:​-fCourier8
 +This sets the font for both enscript and nenscript on the systems were the respective programs are available.
 +==== Modify system defaults ====
 +  PATH:Sun Solaris:​$PATH\:​$SOFTWARE/​bin:​$SOFTWARE/​$SFINX_MACHINE/​bin:​./​bin
 +  TAPE:​vecht:/​dev/​nrst17
 +This adds $SOFTWARE directories to the path on both versions of the SUN operating system. And on vecht, it selects a device as your default tape device.
 +===== Notes: =====
 +Be careful with quotes and colons in the value of the variable. Colons should be preceded by a backslash (\:) 
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